Unite chief slams government competition to attack workers

Unite GS Sharon Graham hits out at another government assault on workers during cost-of-living crisis

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Responding to the latest threats to workers and their unions from the government, this time made by foreign secretary and leadership contender Liz Truss, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “It looks like a competition about who can be the most belligerent about implementing more anti-trade union laws. Truss one day, Shapps another.

“This government has made it very clear what it thinks of this country’s workers. P&O blatantly sacked nearly 800 workers without notice because it was cheaper to break the law and the Government saw no need to change it.

“But when British workers, who already have the weakest employment rights in Europe, defend the value of their wages in a cost of living crisis, this government rushes to make it harder to do so.

“We know where this goes. We have seen what unfettered and emboldened employers do – they destroy workers’ jobs, pay and conditions while the government watches on.

“I can tell you that Unite has been preparing for these attacks and will take any measures necessary to defend workers.”

Liz Truss has told the media today (August 19) that she will move to attack workers and their unions within the first 30 days of office, should she be elected to lead the Conservative party on September 5.

By UniteLive team

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