Unite 'committed to uncovering the truth'

QC appointed to lead the independent Unite inquiry into blacklisting

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Unite is delighted to announce that Nick Randall QC and John Carl Townsend have been appointed to investigate the possible collusion by union officers in blacklisting.

Over the past months, evidence gathering by Thompsons solicitors has continued, with many blacklisted construction workers and other witnesses having already been interviewed.

The work of the independent investigators is expected to start officially on April 11.

Welcoming the announcement, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “Under my leadership Unite is committed to uncovering the truth about allegations of union collusion with blacklisting.

“The workers affected and their families deserve to know the truth and I hope that this QC-led independent inquiry will get to the bottom of what really happened.”

Dave Smith, secretary of the Blacklist Support Group, added, “Blacklisted workers have long demanded action that any investigation into union collusion in blacklisting must be completely independent from Unite and their own legal team.

“Nick Randall QC, John Carl Townsend and the Public Interest Law Centre all have a history of championing the underdog and exposing institutional wrongdoing,” Smith noted.

“The Blacklist Support Group applauds the appointment of such heavyweight and independently minded lawyers. It is a clear indication that this investigation will not turn a blind eye to any evidence that exposes an unhealthy culture within Unite or its predecessor unions.

“The collusion investigation is neither mudslinging, nor a whitewash – this is a robust independent process to uncover the truth,” he continued. “The Blacklist Support Group repeats our call for anyone with evidence of union collusion in blacklisting to make contact with the investigation team.”

By Ryan Fletcher

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