Unite GS Len McCluskey in warning shot over Brexit deal

Unite GS Len McCluskey: Labour abstaining in Brexit deal vote would be ‘completely wrong’

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Unite general secretary Len McCluskey has urged the Labour Party to avoid sitting on the fence on a  Brexit deal after Labour has in recent days refused to rule out abstaining on a forthcoming vote in Parliament.

In an interview with Times Radio on Sunday (Decemeber 6), McCluskey said abstaining would be ‘completely wrong’.

“Frankly, Labour need – on the most important issue of the day – not to be seen to be sitting on the fence,” he said in the interview.

“The idea of an abstention, to me, would be completely wrong,” he went on to say. “I hope they’ve learnt the lesson back in December that any confusion over this will be damaging to them.”

 McCluskey continued, “On the other hand if it’s a thin deal, which I suspect it will be, if indeed we get a deal, he needs to also be in a position in six months if things are going wrong to be able to attack the Government without then being regarded a hypocrite because he voted for the deal.”

You can watch the full interview with Unite general secretary Len McCluskey in the clip below:

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