Unite May Day message

Unite leader Sharon Graham: The importance of building union power to win for workers more important than ever on Labour Day 2022

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This is a day to remember the importance of collective organisation.

A day to remember that for trade unions, power comes from the workplace. 

May Day is Labour Day.

Workers’ Day.

An opportunity to honour Unite’s Shop Stewards and Reps who are fighting and winning for our members.

It is a day to stand in solidarity with our reps and members who are in dispute and under attack from employers that want to suppress the pay of workers. 

Let us be under no illusions.

Emboldened employers want to make working people shoulder the burden of soaring prices.

They will make workers pay if they can.

Their friends in Westminster will not stop them.

It is down to us to mount the defence of our jobs, pay and conditions.

To win we must be focused on growing our strength – on developing our own Union strategies, rooted in our workplaces and our communities.   

So, on this May Day my priority will be the same as it is every other day – building union power to win for workers.

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