Unite response to NHS pay offer

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Responding to the government’s new pay offer for NHS workers in England, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “Following months and months of unnecessary delay, the government finally gets into the negotiating room. They need to take full responsibility for their dither and delay, which has caused unnecessary pain to both staff and patients in the NHS.

“It is clear that the government has been forced into negotiations and the subsequent move, because of strike action and the support of the public for the NHS.

“The offer from government is not one that Unite can recommend to our members, but ultimately it is important that our members make the final decision. Unite will support members in whichever decision they now make. As Unite members are being consulted strike action will be paused.

“It is clear that this government does not hold the interest of workers or the NHS at heart. Their behaviour and disdain for NHS workers and workers generally is clear from their actions.

“Britain has a broken economy and workers are paying the price.”


Unite has suspended its strike action at the Welsh Ambulance Service due to take place on Monday 20 March 2023. 

This follows continued progress in talks with the Welsh government. The pause in strike action will facilitate the continuation of these discussions.

By UniteLive team