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Hestia housing workers victory in London Living Wage battle

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Hestia Housing and Support workers have succeeded in their campaign to force their employer to pay the London Living Wage, Unite said today (Thursday 4 March).

After a five-month campaign, in which union membership more than doubled and continues to grow, Hestia has pledged to increase pay to the Living Wage Foundation London-weighted wage of £21,800.

The Unite campaign was initiated after Hestia claimed in its policy and financial documents that it was paying employees the London Living Wage. This was despite some employees receiving a basic annual salary that was £400 less than the real Living Wage.

Although Hestia has not formally admitted its mistake, a ‘one off discretionary payment’ equalling underpayment for 2020/21 has been provided to nearly two dozen staff, as well as a permanent pay rise.

“This campaign, without which the underpayment of staff would never have been exposed or dealt with, is testament to the hard work and solidarity of Hestia’s unionised workforce,” commented Unite regional officer Steve O’Donnell.

“It is also a perfect example of the benefits of joining Unite, which the increasing number of members at Hestia would agree with. There is only one way for workers to be safer, stronger and better paid and that is to join a union.”

By Ryan Fletcher

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