Unite wins of the year - Cadbury and Lerwick Port

On the seventh day of Christmas, UniteLive looks back at pay wins in July for Cadbury and Lerwick Port Authority workers

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2022 has been the year of Unite wins – under general secretary Sharon Graham, Unite has had more victories in the workplace than it can count. As part of our special 12 days of Christmas series, UniteLive looks back at a handful of the many wins we’ve had in every month throughout the year.

Today, we reflect on two key wins in July.


In the first win, Unite secured a ‘sweet’ two-year pay deal worth up to 17.5 per cent for more than 1,000 Cadbury workers. The union has also delivered a separate 25 per cent boost in holiday pay.

Unite’s members at Cadbury’s sites in Bournville, Birmingham, Chirk, Wales and Marlebrook in Hereford voted overwhelmingly in favour of the deal.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “Where employers can clearly afford to raise pay, we are determined to ensure that they do. Yet again Unite’s focus on improving jobs, pay and conditions is getting results for our members.

“This deal was delivered by the hard work and dedication of Unite’s representatives at Cadbury and the support of Unite members.”

Speaking to UniteLive in December, Unite national chair for Cadbury Mondolez Jason Jones said members were thrilled by the pay deal.

“We had a great outcome from pay negotiations this year after a series of meetings drawn out over a number of months,” he said. “In very turbulent times with the cost of living crisis, it was fantastic we could strike a deal that gives our members financial security. To get such results in difficult times speaks volumes and gives members reassurance for the future.”

Lerwick Port Authority

In our second key win in July, Unite members working at Lerwick Port Authority in Scotland ended strike action following a pay deal which boosted wages by up to an astonishing 38 per cent.

The dispute revolved around pay, pension contributions and work-life balance. Unite secured a deal worth between 34 and 38 per cent for workers at the Port. The deal enhanced the hourly wage for semi-skilled workers from £10.41 to £14 per hour, and for skilled workers from £11.62 to £16 per hour. The pay deal also increased the pension contributions for Unite members by the employer.

A new 12-month working rota was also agreed which aims to cut working hours and to support the work-life balance of Unite members with a reduction in hours worked.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “This fantastic deal will ensure that key workers at Lerwick Port will get a pay increase worth up to 38 per cent. It will help to bring the workers into line with industry standards. This success has only come through the brave stance our members have taken, and their efforts have been rewarded with a deal which delivers better jobs, pay and conditions across the board.”

Around a dozen key workers, which includes engineers, electricians, joiners and general operatives, started a continuous ban on overtime in late May, and they had been on strike action since late June at the main port in the Shetland Islands.

Stay tuned for more Unite wins tomorrow.

By UniteLive team