Verdict at Lizaveta’s trial

Latest news on the Belarus independent trade union international secretary, Lizaveta Merliak

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Following on from Lizaveta Merliak’s story yesterday (September 23) Lizaveta contacted UNITElive immediately after the outcome of her court case was announced.


She writes:

“The outcome of today’s trial (September 23) is that I am found guilty of taking part in an unauthorised mass event. The sentence is a fine, about 90 euros. It can be paid on my behalf by our solidarity fund. 


“However,” she continues, “I am still waiting for the ‘motivation’ part of the decision. There were facts in the testimonies of the eyewitnesses (ie the police) that didn’t correspond to the reality of what happened.


“They claimed I was arrested by a special police squad aka OMON in the centre of Grodno in a crowd of protesters. But the reality is I was arrested in front of my house by OMON – and it looked like a kidnapping. 


“Of course I brought this issue to the attention of the court. Now I want to see it with my own eyes that this issue is included in the case documents.” 


UNITElive awaits to hear of further developments and send solidarity and comradeship to Lizaveta and all free and independent Belarus trade unionists in their struggle.



By Amanda Campbell @amanda_unite

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