'We need a real ethical foreign policy'

Unite Toyota convenor Pete Tsouvallaris on foreign policy

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I work for Toyota. And as a union we are seeing how my automotive sector and many others, such as steel, road haulage, food and many others are being badly affected by the current trading arrangements we have with Europe. This desperately needs to be improved if we are serious about supporting our industries.

We need to take inspiration from the US where the Biden administration is so unashamedly pro-union and taking huge steps to improve workers’ rights there, and are absolutely clear they are dedicated to working with the European Union and other countries to ensure there are far stronger international measures to improve labour standards globally.

We need to get behind that agenda and commit to measures that will stop global companies playing workers off against each other in a race to the bottom. We need to support the moves to ensure standards are maintained and respected right along the global supply chains. We need a real ethical foreign policy. And we must be consistent in that policy.

We must stand for international law and justice to be respected by all – and oppose all invasions and occupations, including on Palestine — and opposing the repression and violence meted out by Turkey against the Kurds.

By Unite Toyota convenor Pete Tsouvallaris

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