'We need to see long-term plans'

Unite responds to Rishi Sunak’s North Sea oil and gas announcement in Aberdeenshire

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Unite has reiterated its call for a long-term energy plan that includes well-paid jobs with good terms and conditions, after No. 10 (July 31) announced plans to grant hundreds of new oil and gas drilling licenses in the North Sea.

Despite widespread criticism, prime minister Rishi Sunak stood by the announcement, but Unite expressed scepticism and emphasised the need for workers’ and their communities’ futures to be a leading priority in any energy plan.

 Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “In the lead up to the general election, we’re going to see a lot of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ promises. The devil will be in the detail. We need to see long-term plans and well-paid roles with proper terms and conditions. We won’t tolerate the devastation of whole communities, with ‘leap of faith’ promises from Westminster all over again and we will not let workers in oil and gas become the miners of tomorrow.”

By UniteLive team