Workers' cost of living crisis grows

Unite will continue to resist attacks that make workers pay the price of the inflation crisis

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Unite on Wednesday (July 20) reiterated that it is relentless corporate profiteering — not wage rises — that is driving inflation, as the RPI rate climbed to 11.8 per cent, with the CPI rate of inflation now well above 9 per cent.

Commenting, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “Workers have had the spring, summer, autumn and winter of discontent for years. We now have record inflation to match record temperatures. Average pay is now falling at the fastest rate in 20 years. Unite will not stand by and let workers take the hit for a crisis not of their making.”

Unite’s latest investigation confirms where the blame lies for the real causes of current inflation and it’s not workers’ wages.

Graham added, “The government and corporate UK are scapegoating workers, trying to blame them for record rising prices. But it’s not workers’ wages driving inflation, it’s relentless corporate profiteering. It’s time we started talking about that.”

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