Workers' Memorial Day events near you

IWMD '24 - find out how you can attend an event near you

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It’s International Workers’ Memorial Day on Sunday (April 28), where workers and their trade unions get together to honour those who have died or have been injured in work, and to fight for better health and safety in all our workplaces. Nothing sums IWMD better than ‘Remember the dead, fight for the living’.

Unite is gearing up for a string of events happening up and down the country. Today in UniteLive’s special IWMD series, we’re giving you a sneak preview of a handful of events in the posters below. Note this is only a small number of events – there are scores of Workers’ Memorial Day commemorations happening in towns and cities across the UK.

NB: not all events take place on Sunday, April 28. Some take place as early as Friday, April 26 and into Monday, April 29.







Text by Hajera Blagg

Posters compiled by Keith Hatch