Workers need action to avert living costs crisis

Unite GS Sharon Graham reacts to prime minister Boris Johnson’s conference speech

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Responding to prime minister Boris Johnson’s conference speech on Wednesday (October 6), Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “For decades boardrooms have got away with ripping off workers and rewarding themselves – and governments of all stripes never once lifted a finger to stop this or utter even one word of protest.

“Workers have had enough and are standing up to demand meaningful action to bring dignity and fairness back to work in this country,” she added.

“But without serious action, this speech is nothing more than headline-chasing by a prime minister desperate to deflect from the serious and growing cost of living crisis happening on his watch.

“If the prime minister genuinely wants to reverse the years of insecurity and falling wages, then he knows what to do about it: establish sector bargaining to put a solid floor underneath workers’ earnings and stop the never-ending race to the bottom,” Graham continued.

“He should also do the decent thing and ensure public sector workers receive their much-needed, totally deserved pay rise instead of yet another cut, and stop the appalling attack on the lowest earners which means as of today £20 a week is being snatched away from millions.”

By UniteLive team

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