You’re not alone – Unite is here for you

Unite GS Len McCluskey reaches out to members in new video

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Unite has produced a new film with GS Len McCluskey to let members know they are not alone and that Unite is here for them.

He says, “The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented situation for public health and the economy. While some workers have been able to work from home during this emergency, millions of other key workers have to show up for work, to keep things running and keep us safe. Key workers from across our sectors are helping to keep this country on the move with many risking their lives in the process.

“While some employers have made adjustments to protect their employees, others are still relying on unhealthy and unsafe work practices.

“Unite is campaigning for the highest standards keeping workers safe and calling out companies that put them and the public at risk. Unite has been working flat out to protect members’ jobs and wages.

“We have worked with the government and employers who have done the right thing to secure the future for furloughed workers. And we’re not embarrassed to call out the bad bosses. We’ll do whatever it takes to get wages paid.

“Unite members in all sectors have made enormous contributions and sacrifice. We will make sure that they are not forgotten now or post-Covid as we start to rebuild our economy.

“Safety at work, defending jobs, protecting pay are now more important than ever. Please do get in touch if you have any concerns.

“You are not alone in this. Unite is here for you.”


Unite is here for you


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By UNITElive team

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