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TUC 2019

‘Change is coming’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn outlined a truly transformative vision of a future for working people under a Labour government in his speech at TUC conference... Read More
Sound and Vision

Welcome to the world!

Britons welcomed the birth of the latest Royal baby, who arrived just in time for the Bank Holiday on Monday, May 6. While Harry and Meghan... Read More
News Feature

‘Blatant window dressing’

Prime Minister Theresa May’s new proposals to protect workers’ rights after Brexit are “meaningless” and “deeply disappointing”, Unite has said.   Announcing the details today... Read More

‘Baby steps at best’

Amid weeks dominated by prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit woes, the government today (December 17) unveiled measures it would be taking to improve workers' rights... Read More
News Feature

Regulations bonfire

Tory Brexiteers and a number of right-wing US organisations – both with access to the upper echelons of their governments – have teamed up to... Read More

Spirit of the Five lives on

Forty five years ago, five dockworkers and trade unionists were imprisoned for standing up to a government which, through the new Industrial Relations Act, was... Read More
News Feature

Seat at the table

Theresa May’s pledge to install worker representatives on company boards could be law “within a year”, according to a new TUC report.   The commitment,... Read More
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Pushed out for being pregnant

Two years ago at Sports Direct’s infamous warehouse in Derbyshire, where working conditions have been described as ‘Victorian’ a woman gave birth in a toilet at... Read More