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Heathrow – get your hands off our wages

On December 1, Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) workers took strike action for the first time in more than 40 years to defend their livelihoods.

They’re standing up against the imposition of fire and rehire contracts that will see them lose £8,000 a year.

The striking Heathrow workers have garnered a groundswell of support from the public, MPs and others. A Unite ad van highlighting HAL and its CEO’s Grinch tactics toured the areas around Heathrow, taking the message straight to the public.

In a Unite Eye special, we record highlights from the picket line.

Heathrow’s Grinch CEO John Holland-Kaye is stealing workers’ wages
As are Heathrow’s super-rich shareholders – including the Qatari royal family, one of the world’s wealthiest families
Heathrow’s Unite members are not prepared to give up without a fight.
Unite’s ad van sending the message loud and clear
‘Heathrow – get your hands off our wages’
Labour MP and former shadow chancellor John McDonnell supporting workers on the picket line
Heathrow members stand united in their opposition to the fire and rehire contracts
Unite’s ad van drives by Heathrow Airport Limited’s headquarters – they can’t ignore our message now

Pictures by Mark Thomas