'Labour must deliver on equalities'

Unite delegate Jayne Taylor urges bold action on equalities

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Unite delegate Jayne Taylor called for bold action on equalities as she moved a composite motion at Labour Party conference on Monday (September 26).

Addressing conference, Jayne said that “income and wealth inequality has deepened in this country and here I am talking about it again”.

“What on earth is wrong with us that we can’t fix this problem?” she added. “Labour is and must continue to be the party of equalities — and when we are elected we must fix it once and for all.”

Jayne spoke of the urgent need to “strengthen policies and remain at the forefront of tackling inequality in a real and meaningful way”.

She called on the Labour party to introduce a new Race Equality Act in government and to end equal pay gaps – so that, she said, “we will make our country a better and more equal place for everyone”.

Jayne said it was vital that a future Labour government delivers on Fair Pay Agreements, on sectoral collective bargaining, stronger maternity and caring rights, and a duty to prevent harassment.

“And let’s not forget statutory rights for union equality reps,” she added. “I have been one and they really change workplaces for the better.”

Jayne went on to say that “putting equality at the heart of Labour’s agenda must include restoring the rights of migrant domestic workers and implementing the ILO Violence and Harassment Convention”.

She added that the Tory government “has not only deepened income and wealth inequality, it has exposed and widened the systemic inequalities faced by women, Black and Asian, disabled and LGBT+ people”.

Urging conference to support the composite, Jayne concluded, “Labour must win the next election – we are on the brink of government. And Labour must deliver on equalities. There is no other option.”

By Hajera Blagg

Pic by Mark Thomas

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