London United bus workers out in full force on the picket line

London United bus workers out in full force on strike in ongoing dispute over pay

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Workers at all seven London United bus garages are on were out on strike on Thursday (April 15).

The strikes went ahead after talks brokered by the conciliation service Acas broke up late earlier in the week without agreement after RATP, a French company which owns London United, failed to offer pay increases to settle the outstanding 2019 and 2020 pay claims.

RATP is attempting to cut pay and conditions in order to boost profits. The company’s latest accounts (2019) show the French owned group is highly lucrative. It had an annual turnover in excess of 5 billion euros, at the same time Catherine Chardon, the chief executive of their London based operation, saw her pay dramatically increase from £196,000 to £363,000.

Check out some of the highlights from the picket line from Thursday’s strike in the pictures below:

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