McCluskey: PM now has nowhere to hide

Unite GS says union is holding PM to his ‘brighter future’ pledge

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Commenting on the vote by MPs (held on Wednesday, December 30) to pass the deal that will now govern the trading arrangements by the UK and the European Union, the general secretary of the country’s leading trade union, Unite, Len McCluskey, said Unite would be holding PM Johnson to his promise ‘of a brighter future for this nation.’

“Our people are going through a time of immense anxiety, buffeted by the enormous twin challenges of the exit from the EU and the fatiguing, continuing battle against a raging super-virus,” said McCluskey.

“They needed to see Parliament deliver some measure of stability to our country, however marginal. While this deal is very far from ideal, and this union will be fighting night and day for improvement, it is at least an end in part to the past years of chaotic uncertainty.

“But,” he continued, “this is not a moment for ugly triumphalism from the government or some MPs. Far from it – as very serious and justifiable concerns were aired today about Boris Johnson’s deal, many of which this union shares.

“As Unite has said repeatedly, this deal is very much a floor, not a ceiling,” he stressed. “There is an enormous amount that must be done to ensure that this deal does no harm.

“If the government has any sense it will have listened carefully to the points made today and will reach out immediately to work with industry and unions to ensure that the Prime Minister makes good on his repeated promise that UK jobs and living standards won’t simply be protected but become among this best in the world.

“The Prime Minister now has nowhere to hide. This is his deal, his promise of a brighter future for this country. Working people and this trade union will be holding him to that,” McCluskey concluded.

Compiled by Amanda Campbell  @amanda_unite

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