'Culture of insecure work'

Newham educational staff up in arms over temporary contracts

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The lack of permanent contracts for a small group of key educational staff at Newham council is systemic of the wider problem of insecure work across the UK, Unite said today (March 2).


The Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) officers at the council have voted by 66 per cent to strike over not being given permanent contracts and being wrongly graded.


Strike dates are yet to be announced as Unite is hoping for a breakthrough in the negotiations with the council management.


Unite regional officer Onay Kasab said, “The main areas of dispute are that our members are on temporary contracts when we argue that they deserve permanent ones. We also believe jobs have been wrongly graded.


“Our EHCP members do an important job in helping and assisting post-16-year-olds in the borough into work and the next stage of their education,” he added.


“Unfortunately, the use of temporary contracts and the culture of insecure employment are not unique to this council, but are far too common in all sectors across the UK. This blight on the employment landscape needs to be eradicated.


“We have yet to announce strike dates as we remain hopeful we can achieve a breakthrough in this dispute.”

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