'Marvellous victory'

Council tax staff in Newham hail victory in grading dispute

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A dozen council tax benefit managers at Newham have hailed victory in their grading dispute, Unite said today (January 30).


Unite said that its members would now receive ‘a very significant lump sum’ – the exact figure remains confidential – and move to the top of the next grade on the pay scale.


The dispute had centred on council bosses failing to properly implement a job evaluation scheme which had led to the managers being incorrectly graded.


Unite regional officer Onay Kasab said, “This is a marvellous victory for our members which was achieved because they belong to the fight back union, Unite.


“We achieved what we asked for – a backdated increase in the grading scale and, in addition, a significant lump sum.


“The lesson is clear, where we organise, we can win. When management says ‘No’, Unite gives workers the means to successfully fight back.”


The staff had been due to strike this week, but the action was suspended for the now successful talks to take place.

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