Today’s top stories…BA major pay win  

Unite reverses ‘fire and rehire’ cuts

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It was great news for around 24,000 British Airways workers today (August 4) as Unite has secured a pay rise worth 13.1 per cent over 18-months, as well as a £1,000 one off payment.

Following BA’s highly controversial decision at the height of the pandemic to hire and refire its entire workforce, this agreement reverses that and both restores and increases pay.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “The fact that Unite has reversed the fire and rehire cuts while also securing a large increase in pay, underlines how the union’s relentless focus on the jobs, pay and conditions of members, is delivering for workers financially.”

Housing workers to strike

Nearly 60 Freebridge Community Housing workers will strike over poverty pay, Unite announced today.

Many of the workers, are paid little over the national minimum wage and struggle to pay their bills.  

They’re angry that Freebridge has offered them a five per cent increase and a £500 non-consolidated payment, despite the association’s clear ability to afford to do so.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham backed the workers saying, “Freebridge is in robust financial health and should be paying these workers properly. Unite will not stand for attacks on our members’ jobs, pay or conditions and the workforce at Freebridge will receive their union’s total support.”  

The workers will strike in August and September. The strike will severely impact Freebridge’s cleaning and maintenance services. 

Compiled by Amanda Campbell